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5 upper parts details

According to the saying, the devil is in the details, well here at Actiforge, we believe that details show style ! Not overlooking anything when putting the finishing touches to our blades, that is one area where Thiers cutlery-makers excel.

Choosing your knife according to your desires, that is also one of the strengths of Laguiole’s blacksmiths. Consider a knife with or without a corkscrew, with plain or ornate engravings, with a soldered bee or without… It’s up to you to decide how you want to have your Laguiole knife decorated, we can hardly make you a better offer than to do whatever you like !

In this Laguiole Club article, discover the details and specific characteristics of each of the ornamental elements that make up your knife. Offering you tips and detailed advice, this is what our knife-loving members are passionate about.

The spring :

Chief detail, the spring is cut from the steel.
Of the quality of the spring and its assembly depends the longevity of the knife.
It is the spring which also participates in the celebrity of our knives because it is he who bears the famous bee.
Most of the springs are artistically decorated: it is called the ornamentation with guilloche.

The bee :

In the traditional manufacture, the bee is forged in the spring, it is a part integral of the spring.
In the industrial said manufacture, the bee is brought back that is welded on the spring.

bee on the handle

The ornamentation with guilloche :
It is about ornament consisted of lines which cross themselves in a regular and symmetric way which are on the spring with more or less stylized original motives.
When the ornamentation with guilloche is made hand, it varies from a model to the other one contrary to the ornamentation with guilloche hatches which is identical whatever is the knife.

Adornments on the spring


Plates, to the left and to the right of the spring, support both parts of sleeve.
They are in massive brass and sometimes end in their extremities by cowls.


In every extremities of sleeve are cowls.
Bolsters are realized by striking with cold or with the hammer.
Pestle and are in massive brass.


The corkscrew :

The corkscrew is optional and fixed to the spring in the models 2 details.
The basic function is utilitarian.
The corkscrew contributes to the aesthetics of the models.