Horn and wood steak knives |

Model n° LCH13C04IN-6

Laguiole steak knives palissander wood handle

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Steak knife total length : 23 cm
Stainless steel blade : 2.5 mm thickness
2 Solid stainless steel bolsters
Hand wash recommended
Delivered with certificate of origin and guarantee

  6 knives packed in an oak box 

The gold-satin finish of the wood handle can be maintained by the occasional rub with oil-soaked rags.
The stainless steel bolsters need no upkeep.
If the cutlery is put in the dish washer, the wood will need rubbing with a cloth soaked in oil.

Palissander wood is one of the most frequently used species in the history of woodworking, which is why it is so often found on furniture but also in knife handles.
Its use can be traced back to the end of the 16th century until the 1970's when overexploitation led to its quasi disappearance from the market. Because it was so endangered, it was listed on Annex 1 of C.I.T.E.S* in June 1992 and its trade is now forbidden except for stocks which predate the convention.

For the renovation of 17th and 18th centuries-style furniture, it has been replaced by a Brazilian rosewood species : dalbergia spruceana.

*Convention on international trade of endangered species of wild flora and fauna, a.k.a CITES or Washington Convention is an international agreement between States. Its purpose is to make sure that international trade of animals and plants does not endanger the survival of their species.