Le Thiers, Juniper burl handle
Le Thiers, Juniper burl handle
  • Le Thiers, Juniper burl handle
  • Le Thiers, Juniper burl handle
  • Le Thiers, Juniper burl handle

Le Thiers, Juniper burl handle

The commission of the « coute de Tie » (Thiers Cutlers), originally founded in 1582, produced a charter of quality for knife-making. Inspectors verify that this charter is still respected in today’s production.

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Closed size: 12 cm
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This knife and its components are guaranteed for 2 years.

We deliver all over the world. 

We will provide you with a return label within 30 days if this product does not suit you.

This knife can be re-sharpened by us at any time during its service life.

This knife comes with a certificate of origin attesting to its provenance.

About this item

  • Closed length : 10 cm or 12 cm 
  • stainless steel 12C27blade
  • One stainless steel bolster
  • Juniper Burn Handle
  • Spring of the 12 cm is guilloched
  • Made in France
  • Delivered in brown box  with certificate of origin and guarantee
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What is juniper wood?

Juniper wood has the special feature of being pleasantly fragrant, with a sweet, peppery fragrance. The berries (young growing shoots) are used as a condiment in the finest cuisine.

The juniper also has medicinal virtues. According to one legend, eating a juniper berry a day will keep illness away.

Juniper wood is also a powerful antiseptic used in fumigation: it was burned in homes in former times to keep away major diseases.

Nowadays, it is more commonly used in infusions to aid digestion.

The wood is also known as ‘cade’ and comes from the southern Massif Central.

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