Are you looking for a knife with a distinctive style? Then check out our selection of unique and stylish knives, perfect for treating yourself or someone else.
Quality products with a unique design for a knife that is reliable, practical and original. It’s easy to treat yourself with Actiforge!

What is a Laguiole Racé?
It’s a Laguiole knife with an original look. Borne of the imagination and expertise of the cutlery makers of Thiers, these products have a finish and quality that is worthy of traditional Laguiole knives and an ultra-stylish design.
With unique colours, finishes, handle shapes and materials, the knives in the Laguiole Racé product range rewrite the rulebook, delighting admirers of beautiful objects, without compromising on quality.

Who would like an Laguiole Racé knife by Actiforge?
Laguiole Racé knives are aimed at admirers of knives in modern shapes and materials, those who like a great blade with a chic and stylish look.
You don’t have to be a knife expert to have a great blade that is practical, functional and guaranteed for life! The folding knives in the Laguiole Racé range are designed for those to want to treat themselves, whatever their budget!

Can Laguiole Racé knives be customised?
Although these knives already have an original look, they can still be customised! How? By having the blade engraved with your own name or the name of your significant other, with a logo, star sign or memorable date… Find all the customisations options for your Laguiole Racé knife here.

How to care for your Laguiole Racé knife.
When you buy a quality knife, you want to make sure it remains in perfect condition for many years.
To keep your Laguiole Racé knife working optimally and to preserve its original appearance, you just need to follow a few simple tips:
• Do not put your knife through the dishwasher, a simple clean with a damp cloth will suffice. Never leave it behind glass in direct sunlight or in sustained contact with a heat source.
• Use a protective cover to keep dust out and to offer protection against various shocks.
• From time to time, oil wooden handles as directed for the type of wood in order to maintain its radiance, which can become dull over time.
• Although stronger, avoid cleaning composite material handles with lots of water.
• Despite the availability of sharpening kits, it’s best to take your knife to a cutlery maker for sharpening if you have the slightest doubt concerning your knife sharpening skills. It would be a shame to cause irreversible damage to your favourite blade!

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