Choose the Laguiole table knife for all your meals.

Luxury cutlery to adorn your family feasts or sturdy cutlery with handles which are dishwasher-friendly : such a vast range to choose from in the Table Laguiole collection.
To prolong the pleasure brought to you by Laguiole Laguiole pocket knives and carry it over to the dining table, treat yourself to Laguiole table knives sets : no need to choose between style and solidity, they bring you both at once!
Loyal to our tradition and manufactured with as much care as our folding knives, these knives bring you the pleasure of a perfect edge for your everyday use.

How to choose your table cutlery?

The most important thing, when choosing your cutlery is to keep in mind your habits and the intended use. Some of us spend little time at home and want their cutlery to be convenient indeed, but also elegant and pleasant to the touch to forget those in hotels and restaurants. Others eat all their meals at home and therefore wash their cutlery very often. 

Why shouldn’t families also enjoy Laguiole cutlery ? Kids can be slightly less careful with cutlery, throwing it in the sink, or carelessly placing them in the dishwasher… It is then best to choose handles which can bear shocks and high temperatures.
If you do not possess a dishwasher, you may then choose Laguiole cutlery with exotic or precious wood.
For frequent use you may choose the following materials:
• ABS / ABS Luxe / color ABS (white, grey, black, yellow, red)
• Plexiglas.
• Forged stainless steel.
• Stainless steel.
Preferably choose plexiglas and ABS if you are buying everyday use cutlery : colors and finish won’t suffer much from going in the dishwasher.
For occasional use or if you wash your cutlery by hand exclusively :
• Horne (black or blonde).
• Wood (rosewood, boxwood, olive-tree, ebony…).
• Encrusted resin
To clean knife handles made out of natural materials, just wipe them with a wet cloth. This way your handles will look as good as new for many years and keep their solidity and beautiful colours.

You may also want to choose your cutlery according to your taste in interior design.
Those who love a well-dressed table know that ‘the devil is in the details.’ That is why, for those among you who want to leave nothing to chance, we have what you need to make sure that your Laguiole table cutlery matches your interior design.
Here are a few ideas to choose your Laguiole cutlery from our wide range:
If you enjoy tête-à-tête dinners and avoid routine, this set of 6 assorted knives was made for your gourmet duo.
If industrial is your kind of interior design, you may want to choose:
• A set of black-handled knives 
• A set of olive-tree handled knives
A set of stainless-steel table knives.
If your tastes in interior design include many colours or if you like to add pops of colours to your party tables:
• This 24 pieces cutlery-set with assorted colours is ideal for family meals
• A set of colourful steak knives, perfect to brighten up your table
• Yellow, red or white ABS-handled knives, to zhuzh up your meals !
Good to know : Never ever wash your wooden handles in the dishwasher

Cutlery gifts : original and long lasting
When we love Laguiole craftsmanship, we naturally want to share this passion by offering a knife. But there are other ways to emphasize the quality and pleasure brought to us by impeccable blades : cutlery sets.
You may choose to offer a steak-knives set or serving cutlery. They will complement existing cutlery sets and bring those who receive them the joy of uniquely sharp knives.
For special occasions such as a wedding, a housewarming party, a birthday or Christmas, you could offer a complete cutlery set. This gift is both original and very useful. Offering Laguiole cutlery means that you are sure to please.

All our Laguiole table sets come with a 3-year warranty.

Laguiole table knives

No need to wait for special occasions to set Laguiole cutlery on the table. Treat yourself to a Laguiole table set, both elegant and robust.

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